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*Note: not all of the species are valid and errors in synonomy will be present. We do our best to keep up to date, but it is difficult to locate all changes. Also, not all of the authors' names are included, and may not be correct with respect to (brackets) for generic name changes. Please excuse any mistakes, as this species list is a meant as a first guide only.

TRILOBITE Taxonomy and Phylogeny


Trilobite Taxonomy

Trilobite Phylogeny

Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Chelicerata
or Subphylum Trilobitamorph
Superclass Arachnomorpha *
Class Trilobita

    Order Agnostida
    Order Redlichiida
    Order Corynexochida
    Order Phacopida
    Order Lichida
    Order Proetida
    Order Harpetida
    Order Ptychopariida
    Order Asaphida
    Order Odontopleurida **
    Order Nectaspida
o Arthropoda
`--o Trilobita
   `--+--o Redlichiida
      |  |--Olenellina
      |  `--Redlichiina
      `--o Librostoma
* Several alternative taxonomies are found in past and current literature. For example, trilobites are sometimes found placed in arthropoda subphylum Schizoramia within Superclass Arachnomorpha.
** Some authors argue that a separate Order Odontopleurida should be separated from Order Lichida, but the concention is not followed here pending settlement of the science.