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Sam Gon's A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites. An unparalleled, comprehensive, award winning site about trilobites!


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Virtual Fossil Museum Classification and Phylogeny: Trilobita
Orders: Agnostida - Asaphida - Corynexochida - Harpetida - Lichida or Odontopleurida
Phacopida - Proetida - Ptychopariida - Redlichiida - Trilobite Relatives

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Dr. Linda B. McCollum: Lower-Middle Cambrian Boundary Research, southern Great Basin and south China. Her extensive Pioche Shale faunal list. Linda works on the Pioche Shale and Spence Formation. If you know of any other species from these formations, or have additional specimens or information, please contact Dr. Linda McCollum at: Eastern WashingtonUniversity 130 ScienceBuilding Cheney, WA99004-2439USA,

Dr. Brian D. E. Chatterton: Paleozoic fossils, especially trilobites, biogeography, biostratigraphy, heterochrony, ontogeny, systematics

Dr. Fred Sundberg: Fred has worked on Lower to lower Upper Cambrian assemblages from Nevada, Utah, California, and Arizona.  If you know of any other species from these formations, or have additional specimens or information, please contact him at

Dr. Ben Waggoner: Ediacara biota and Cambrian radiation

Steve Westrop: Lower Paleozoic trilobites, extinctions, paleoecology, evolutionary paleontology, etc.

Nigel Hughes: Cambrian and Ordovician trilobites, Himalayas, morphometrics, paleobiology, etc.

Christina Lochman Balk: Cambrian-Ordovician trilobites, shallow marine carbonates, Paleozoic stratigraphy

Rolf Ludvigsen: DIRT (Denman Institute for Research on Trilobites)


Academic organizations:


Mikko's Phylogeny Archive - Olenellina (hit the back arrow to see other trilobite groups).

Utah Geological Survey

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology


Trilobite Site Information:


The Marble Mountains: UCMP Berkeley

Whyte-Inyo Mountains UCMP Berkeley   's: Localities of the Cambrian: The Whyte-Inyo Mountains

House Range, Utah: UCMP Berkeley Virtual Fossil Museum

Burgess Shale UCMP Berkeley  Virtual Fossil Museum
Pioche Shale Formation, Nevada: Virtual Fossil Museum

Cambrian Explosion Cambrian Explosion Fossils Utah Burgess Shale Like Fossils
Burgess Shale Fossils and Cambrian Explosion at Virtual Museum


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Geological Timescale

Paleogeography of the Southwestern US. Images from a talk presented to the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 1997
Paleobiology Across Geologic Time




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