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Schachtenella (Peters, unpublished)

Schachtenella ultraspinus (Peters, unpublished)

Schistometopus (Resser, 1938a) [Sundberg & McCollum, 2002 considered this genus as nomen dubium and restricted this genus to the type species. Species formerly assigned to this genus are referred to Hadrocephalites.]

Schistometopus typicalis (Resser, 1938a)

Schmalenseeia (Moberg, 1903)

Schmalenseeia sp.

Scinocephalus (Ross, 1951)

Scinocephalus solitecti (Ross, 1951)

Scotoharpes (Lamont, 1948)

Scotoharpes sp. (Norford, 1994)


Scutellum sp. indet. (Gazelle Formation)

Selenocoryphe (not formally published (in Beebe,1990, unpublished dissertation))

Selenocoryphe platura (Shanan Peters dissertation, 2003, unpubl.)
Selenocoryphe sp. (Weeks Formation)

Shumardia (Billings, 1862)

Shumardia exopthalmus Ross, 1967


Sevillia trinucleata (?= Phillipsia trinucleata Herrick)


Sigmocheilus grata (Resser)
Sigmocheilus pogonipensis (Resser)
Sigmocheilus serratus (Palmer, 1960)
Sigmocheilus utahensis (Resser)

Solenopleura (Angelin, 1854)

Solenopleura sp. (Langston Formation, Spence Tongue)

Solenopleurella (Poulsen, 1927)

Solenopleurella pagodensis (Deiss, 1939) [Montana]

Songkania (W. Zhang, 1974)

Songkania sp. (Norford, 1994)

Spencella (Rasetti, 1963)

Spencella. cf. Spencella montanensis Rasetti, 1963 [Pika Formation]
Spencella? buttsi
Spencella? utahensa

Spencia (Resser, 1939a) (includes Stauroholcus (Resser, 1939a); fide (Rasetti, 1951))

Spencia plena (Resser, 1939a) = Spencia typicalis (Resser, 1939a); fida (Rasetti, 1963, p. 591).
Spencia quadrata (Fritz, 1968)
Spencia typicalis (Resser, 1939a)

Stephenaspis (Rasetti, 1951)

Stephenaspis avitus (Palmer, 1964)
Stephenaspis bispinosa (Rasetti, 1951) [B.C.]
Stephenaspis highlandensis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003a)
Stephenaspis sp. [Harkless Formation]

Strotocephalus (Resser, 1935) is synonymous with Amecephalus (see Sundberg, 1999)

[Strotocephalus gordonensis (Resser, 1935)] = Amecephalus gordonensis (Resser, 1935)

Symphysurina (Ulrich in Walcott, 1924a)

Symphysurina cf. Symphysurina globocapitella Hintze (Manitou Formation)
Symphysurinasp. A (Ross, 1951)
Symphysurina sp. B (Ross, 1951)
Symphysurus (Goldfuss, 1843)
"Symphysurus?" goldfussi (Walcott, 1884)

Syspacephalus (Resser, 1936) = Ptychoparella (Poulsen, 1927, although not everyone agrees, see Sundberg & McCollum, 2003b, p. 978)

        Syspacephalus crassus (Rasetti, 1951) = Ptychoparella crassus (Rasetti, 1951)

        Syspacephalus gregarius (Rasetti, 1951)

        Syspacephalus laticeps (Rasetti, 1951)

        Syspacephalus longus (Palmer in Palmer & Halley 1979) = Ptychoparella longus

        Syspacephalus obscurus (Palmer in Palmer & Halley 1979) [currently being worked on]

        Syspacephalus spencei (Resser 1939a) = Ptychoparella spencei 

        Syspacephalus variosus (Sundberg & McCollum, 2003b)
        Syspacephalus sp. unident. = Ptychoparella sp. unident.

        Syspacephalus sp. (see Palmer, 1964) [Harkless Formation and Bonnia-Olenellus Biozone, Inyo-White Mountains] = Ptychoparella? sp.