Western Trilobite Association Contacts:

Richard Kurkewicz - Chief Administrator, Communications Director

Andrew R. Milner - Consulting Paleontologist, Researcher- City Paleontologist St. George Dinosaur Tracksite at Johnson Farm, St. George, Utah
George Ast - Secretary, Collections Coordinator

Dr. Linda McCollum - contributing Paleontologist
Kevin Brett - Founding Webmaster. Archivist. Researcher. Consulting Paleontologist.
Roger Perkins - Current Webmaster


This site cannot evolve without the generous contributions of all amateur and professional palaeontologists involved. Please feel free to comment on the site, point out any additions or corrections, contribute photographs of species not yet up, or add a faunal list for a formation in your area.

Western Trilobite Association Contributor Biographies:

Among the sciences, it is Paleontology where you find the most amateurs. So too does the contributors to the Western Trilobite Association include many amateur paleontologists.

Richard Kurkewicz (website) is the founder/organizer and current Chief Administrator - Communications Director of the Western Trilobites Richard KurkewiczAssociation. Fossils, generally, and trilobites, especially, are his extra-professional passions. Nicknamed Rich Kwik, he has been in the music business for the past 20+ years.

Myriad Talent Productions websiteRich Kwik's music business, Myriad Talent Productions, is based in San Francisco California. He “Kwik” began his career in the band booking business in 1976. Back then, he was a young guy attempting to get one of the bands he managed a record deal -- chasing the dream, as it were. He also booked many local and national Bay Area bands in the local nightclubs, concerts and school circuits. Included among the national acts were THE YOUNGBLOODS, DAVID LAFLAMME of IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, MARTY BALIN of THE JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, and Starship featuring MICKEY THOMAS,

Rich became the in-house booking agent for many Bay Area roadhouses, showcase and dance night clubs. He also produced numerous concerts with groups like TOWER OF POWER, CHAKA KHAN, and ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. Recently, Rich produced a Sonoma County event for the Hospices of Sonoma featuring EDDIE MONEY. Over the years the hard work has paid off. He honed his skills, and met many of the fine Bay Area musicians he still works with today, as well as a vast array of production and music industry contacts. Today he manages three of the top Bay Area dance bands, LITTLE SISTER, The HOLLYWOOD SWINGERS and THE MARLOWES, and has affiliations with most of the other top San Francisco wedding bands and Bay Area party bands.

George Ast (website) is our Secretary / Collections Coordinator and has been an avid trilobite hunter and collector for more than three decades. A sampling of George’s collection is posted on the WTA website. While attending University in California, George came across a copy of George AstRiccardo Levi-Settis Trilobites book and his love for trilobites was multiplied. In 1972, George completed his MS Degree in Special Education and recently retired after 35 years in the public school system. He currently is an Adjunct Professor in the Special Education / Ed. Psych. Department at California State
University, San Bernardino. This part time position allows him to spend most of his time in the field collecting and researching trilobites.

Roger Perkins is the current webmaster of the Western Trilobite Association, having stepped in for Kevin Brett, who is ostensibly on an extended Sabbatical (if you know Kevin’s whereabouts, please let us know. Roger is also a serious professional scientist, actually, a computational scientist, involved in research in bioinformatics, panomics, QSAR, and computational biology. His avocation interests are evolution and anti-creationism. He is also co-founder and webmaster of the Virtual Fossil Museum, and contributor to the Palaoes encyclopedia on the history of life on Earth.

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