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Namuropyge newmexicoensis Brezinski, 2000
Namuropyge sp. A (in Brezinski, 2000)
Namuropyge sp. B (in Brezinski, 2000)

Nephalicephalus (Shanan Peters dissertation, 2003, unpubl.)

        Nephalicephalus beebei (Shanan Peters dissertation, 2003, unpubl.)

Nephrolenellus(Palmer & Repina, 1993)

Nephrolenellus geniculatus Palmer, 1998
Nephrolenellus multinodus (Palmer, in Palmer & Halley 1979)
Nephrolenellus. n. sp.

Nevadella Raw, 1936

Nevadella bacculenta Fritz, 1972 = Nevadia bacculenta (Fritz, 1972)
Nevadella eucharis (Walcott, 1913)
Nevadella faceta Fritz, 1972 = Nevadia faceta (Fritz, 1972)
Nevadella mountjoyi Fritz, 1992 (see also Lieberman, 2001)
Nevadella perfecta (Walcott, 1913)
Nevadella sp. (Fallotaspis Biozone, Inyo-White Mts.)
Nevadella sp. 1 Fritz, 1972 = Nevadia sp. 1 Fritz, 1972
Nevadella sp. 2 Fritz, 1972 = Nevadia sp. 2 Fritz, 1972

Nevadia Walcott, 1910

        N. addyensis Okulitch, 1951

        N. bacculenta (Fritz, 1972) [formerly Nevadella bacculenta Fritz, 1972]

        N. faceta (Fritz, 1972) [formerly Nevadella faceta Fritz, 1972]

        N. fritzi Lieberman, 2001

        N. gracile (Walcott, 1910) [formerly Wanneria? gracile Walcott, 1910]

        N. ovalis McMenamin, 1987

        N. parvoconica Fritz, 1992

        N. weeksi Walcott, 1910  (type species)

        N. n. sp. (see Fritz, 1992) [Mural Fm.]

        N. sp. (see Fritz, 1992) [Mural Fm.]

        N. sp. 1 (of Fritz, 1972) [formerly Nevadella sp. 1 Fritz, 1972]

        N. sp. 2 (of Fritz, 1972) [formerly Nevadella sp. 2 Fritz, 1972]

        Nevadia sp.  (Campito Fm.)

        Nevadia sp.  (Poleta Fm.)

Nileus Dalman, 1827

        N. hesperaffinis Ross, 1967

        N. svalbardensis

Niobe Angelin, 1851

        N.? sp. Ross, 1951


        N. sp. (Weeks Fm.)

Norwoodia Walcott, 1916a

        N. bellaspina (Shanan Peters dissertation, 2003, unpubl.)


        N. stitti Brezinski, 2000
Nyella Palmer, in Palmer & Halley 1979

        N. clinolimbata (Fritz, 1968)

        N. columbiana (Fritz, 1968)

        N. granosa (Resser, 1939b) [See Palmer & Halley, 1979, p. 111 for synonymy list]
        N. immoderata Palmer in Palmer & Halley, 1979

        N.? plana Sundberg and McCollum, 2003a

        N. rara (Rasetti, 1951)

        N. skapta (Walcott, 1917b)


*Note: not all of the species are valid and errors in synonomy will be present. We do our best to keep up to date, but it is difficult to locate all changes. Also, not all of the authors' names are included, and may not be correct with respect to (brackets) for generic name changes. Please excuse any mistakes, as this species list is a meant as a first guide only.