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for Genera beginning with letter B

Baltagnostus (Lochman in Lochman & Duncan, 1944)

Baltagnostus eurypyx

Basilicus (Salter, 1849)

Basilicus ? sp. (Ross, 1951)

Bathynotus (Hall, 1860)

Bathynotus holopygus (Hall, 1859)

Bathyocos (Sundberg, 1994)

Bathyocos housensis (Sundberg, 1994)

Bathyuriscidella (Rasetti, 1948)

Bathyuriscidella amplicauda

Bathyuriscus Meek, 1873

Bathyuriscus adaeus (Walcott, 1916)
Bathyuriscus atossa (Walcott, 1916) [Spence Shale, Idaho]
Bathyuriscus brighamensis (Resser 1939a)
Bathyuriscus elegans
Bathyuriscus fimbriatus (Robison, 1964)
Bathyuriscus formosis [Meagher Shale, Montana] (Deiss, 1939 = Bathyuriscus haydeni Meek, 1873 [fida Robison, 1964])
Bathyuriscus haydeni (Meek, 1873 [
Bathyuriscus rotundatus (Rominger, 1887)
Bathyuriscus rugosus (Deiss, 1939 = B. haydeni Meek, 1873 [fida Robison, 1964])
Bathyuriscus wasatchensis (Resser 1939b)
Bathyuriscus sp. [Metaline Formation]

Bellefontia (Ulrich in Walcott, 1924b)

Bellefontia acuminiferentis (Ross, 1951)
Bellefontia chamberlaini (Clark, 1935)
Bellefontia cf. B. chamberlaini (Clark, 1935 [Manitou Formation])

Benthamaspis (Poulsen, 1946)

Benthamaspis sera (Fortey and Droser, 1999)

Biceratops (Pack & Gayle, 1971)

Biceratops nevadensis (Pack & Gayle, 1971 [Type from the Bright Angle Shale, Nevada & Arizona])

Bienvillia Clark, 1924

Bienvillia papulosa (Fortey, 1974)


Blountia sp. (Weeks Formation)

Bolaspidella (Resser, 1937b)

Bolaspidella contracta (Robison, 1964)
Bolaspidella drumensis (Robison, 1964)
Bolaspidella housensis (Walcott, 1886)
Bolaspidella resseri (Miller, 1936) [Pika Formation]
Bolaspidella wellsvillensis (Lochman & Denson, 1944)
Bolaspidella n. sp. [Marjum Formation]
Bolaspidella sp. [Marjum Formation]

Bolaspis (Resser, 1935)

Bolaspis globulifera (Deiss, 1939) [Montana]
grandis (Deiss, 1939) [
Bolaspis labrosa (Walcott, 1916) [All of the Deiss 1939 species should be synonymized]
minuta (Deiss, 1939) [
? unica (Deiss, 1939) [
vera (Deiss, 1939) [

Bolbolenellus (Palmer & Repina, 1993)

Bolbolenellus brevispinus (Palmer, 1998 [Type from the Pioche Shale, eastern Nevada and reported by Sundberg & McCollum, 2003b from the Emigrant Formation, Western Nevada])
Bolbolenellus euryparia (Palmer, in Palmer & Halley 1979) [=O. euryparia Palmer, in Palmer & Halley 1979]
Bolbolenellus n. sp. 1 [Carrara Formation]

Bonnia (Walcott, 1916)

Bonnia caperata (Palmer, 1964)
Bonnia copia (Fritz, 1968)
Bonnia sp. (see Fritz, 1992) [Mural Formation]

Brachyaspidion (Miller, 1936)

Brachyaspidion microps (Robison, 1971)
Brachyaspidion sulcatum (Robison, 1964)


Brachymetopus indianwellensis (Brezinski, 2000)
Brachymetopus cf. pseudometopina (Gauri and Ramovs [Mount Mark Formation])

Bradyfallotaspis (Fritz, 1972)

Gen. aff. Bradyfallotaspis sp. (see Fritz, 1992) [Mural Formation]


Breviphillipsia semeretis (Hessler, 1963)
Breviphillipsia sp. [Baird Formation]

Bristolia (Harrington, 1956)

Bristolia anteros (Palmer in Palmer & Halley, 1979)
Bristolia brachyoma (Palmer)
Bristolia bristolensis (Resser, 1928)
Bristolia fragilis (Palmer in Palmer & Halley, 1979)
Bristolia harringtoni (Lieberman, 1999)
Bristolia insolens (Resser, 1928)
Bristolia mohavensis (Resser, 1928) (not sure about the correct author, spelling, or generic assessment of this species)
Bristolia mohavensis (Crickway, 1933) = Olenellus mojavensis (Crickway, 1933)
Bristolia mohavensis (Resser, 1928)
Bristolia n. sp. (Mount, 1980, fig. 16) [Latham Shale]
Bristolia  n. sp. 1 [Carrara Formation]
Bristolia  n. sp. 2 [Carrara Formation]
Bristolia  n. sp. 3 [Carrara Formation]
Bristolia  n. sp. 4 [Carrara Formation]
Bristolia  n. sp. 5 [Carrara Formation]

Burlingia (Walcott, 1908)

Burlingia sp. [Swasey Formation]

Burnetiella (Lochman, 1958)

Burnetiella leechi (Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998)


Bynumina globosa (Walcott)

Bynumiella [Bynumiella is a junior synonym of Clelandia, fide PALMER, 1965]

Bynumiella ? acuminata Palmer, 1960 [=Clelandia acuminata]

Bythicheilus (Resser, 1939a)

Bythicheilus alveatum (Resser, 1939a [Fritz, 1968, p. 229 notes that B. alveatum may be conspecific with the type, B. typicum])
Bythicheilus typicum (Resser, 1939a)