Trilobites of the Poleta Formation



Lower Cambrian. See also the Saline Valley Formation, Campito Formation, Mule Spring Formation, and the Harkless Formation

**We still need a more complete faunal list for this formation. Please email us if you have a list.




Esmeraldina sp.

Fremontia sp.

"Holmiella boweni" n. sp.

Holmia rowei Walcott

Laudonia sp.

Nevadella sp.

Nevadella perfecta (Walcott, 1913)

Nevadia fritzi Lieberman, 2001

Nevadia weeksi Walcott, 1910

Nevadia parvoconica Fritz, 1992

Nevadia sp.

Olenellus sp.

Paedumias sp.


"new wanneriid" (possibly Elliptocephala)




This Formation occurs within the upper part of the Nevadella Zone and lower part of the Bonnia-Olenellus Zone - and is bounded by the Campito Formation (below) and the Harkless Formation (above). See also the White-Inyo Mountains Trilobite Zones.





Palmer, A. R. (1964)  An unusual Lower Cambrian trilobite faunule from Nevada. in Contributions to Paleontology, Geological Survey Professional Paper 483-F, pp. 1-13, 3 pls.


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