Trilobites of the Saline Valley Formation = Harkless Formation


At least 12 species of trilobites were reported by Palmer (1964) from the Saline Valley Formation (Lower Cambrian) in Esmerelda County, Nevada. See also the Harkless Formation, Mule Springs Limestone, Poleta Formation, and the Campito Formation




Bonnia caperata Palmer, 1964

Goldfieldia pacifica Palmer, 1964

Ogygopsis batis (Walcott, 1916)

Olenoides spp. (see Palmer, 1964)

Paedumias granulatus Palmer, 1964

Stephenaspis? avitus Palmer, 1964

Syspacephalus? sp. (see Palmer, 1964)

Wanneria cf. W. walcottana (Wanner, 1901)

Zacanthopsina eperephes Palmer, 1964

Zacanthopsis contractus Palmer, 1964

Gen. and sp. undetermined 1 (see Palmer, 1964)

Gen. and sp. undetermined 2 (see Palmer, 1964)

Gen. and sp. undetermined 3 (see Palmer, 1964)




    The trilobites here are from the lower part of the Saline Valley Formation, near Goldfield and Goldpoint, north of Death Valley National Park in Esmeralda County, Nevada, close to the California border. This Formation may correlate with the lower part of the Carrara Formation and the Zabriskie Quartzite, slightly older than beds yielding Bristolia species. These trilobites can be found at the Gold Point fossil site, as well as abundant Salterella, archeocyathids, brachiopods, algal remains (Girvanella), and many varieties of annelid and arthropod tracks and trails.

    This Formation occurs within the Bonnia-Olenellus Zone and is bounded by the Harkless Formation (below) and the Mule Spring Limestone (above). See also the White-Inyo Mountains Trilobite Zones. The trilobite genus Bristolia has also been reported from this formation.




Palmer, A. R. (1964)  An unusual Lower Cambrian trilobite faunule from Nevada. in Contributions to Paleontology, Geological Survey Professional Paper 483-F, pp. 1-13, 3 pls.

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