Cambroinyoella wallacei


Cambroinyoella wallacei Trilobite


Name: Cambroinyoella wallacei Lieberman, 2001

Superfamily: "Nevadioidea" Hupé, 1953

Suborder: Olenellina Walcott, 1890

Order: Redlichiida Richter, 1932

Locality: Inyo-White Mountains, Inyo Co., Eastern California

Stratigraphy: Lower Cambrian , Fallotaspis Zone, Montenegro Mbr., Campito Fm.

Remarks: Photo courtesy of Bruce Lieberman




Cambroinyoella is a monospecific genus erected by Lieberman, 2001. It was previously described as a species of the genus Fallotaspis, however, Lieberman (2001) determined that it is actually an olenellid, rather than a memeber of the paraphyletic "fallotaspidoid" clade.


Reference: Lieberman, B. S. (2001)  Phylogenetic analysis of the Olenellina Walcott, 1890 (Trilobita, Cambrian). Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 75, No. 1, pp. 96-115.


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