Trilobites of the Wheeler Shale Formation





Altiocculus harrisi

Alokistocare sp.

Asaphiscus wheeleri

Baltagnostus eurypyx

Bathyocos housensis

Bathyuriscus fimbriatus

Bolaspidella housensis

Bolaspidella wellsvillensis

Brachyaspidion microps

Brachyaspidion sulcatum
Elrathia kingii (or kingi)

Elrathina wheeleri = Ptychoparella wheeleri

Hypagnostus parvifrons

Jenkinsonia varga

Modocia brevispina

Modocia laevinucha

Modocia typicalis

Olenoides expansus

Olenoides nevadensis
Onymagnostus seminula

Peronopsis amplaxis

Peronopsis bidens

Peronopsis fallax

Peronopsis gaspensis

Peronopsis intermedius

Peronopsis interstrictus = Itagnostus interstrictus

Peronopsis montis

Peronopsis segmenta

Ptychagnostus atavus

Ptychagnostus gibbus

Ptychagnostus germanus

Ptychagnostus occultatus

Ptychagnostus seminula

Ptychoparella wheeleri

Zacanthoides sp.




Altiocculus sp

Asaphiscus wheeleri

Bathyuriscus sp.

Bolaspidella drumensis

Bolaspidella sp

Elrathia kingii

Elrathia sp

Glyphaspis concavus

Modecia sp

Olenoides expansus

Olenoides serratus

Peronopsis amplaxis

Peronopsis fallax

Peronopsis gaspensis

Peronopsis interstricta

Peronopsis montis

Peronopsis segmenta

Ptychagnostus atavus

Ptychagnostus gibbus

Ptychagnostus intermedius

Ptychagnostus seminula

Ptychoparella sp.

Spencella sp.

Tonkinella breviceps

Zacanthoides divergens

Zacanthoides sp.

Burgess Shale type fossils found with Trilobites of the Wheeler Formation:

Choia sp sponge
Gogia spiralis Eocrinoid
Margaretia dorus sponge
Branchiocaris Phyllocarid


The Drum Mountains portion of the Wheeler are shallow facies and is equivalent to the Pierson Cove Formation. The Elrathia in the Drums are for the most part Elrathia marjumi, although some appear to be an intermediate species between Elrathia marjumi and Elrathia kingii. There is much debate on where the boundary between the Pierson Cove and the Wheeler Formation actually is.





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Also see: Fossils of the House Range in Utah


*researched and compiled by James Cook, Andrew Milner and Kevin D. Brett

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