Trilobites of the McKay Group


McKay Group, Upper Cambrian, several sites near Tanglefoot Creek, near Cranbrook, southeastern British Columbia, Canada




Aciculolenus palmeri Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Agnostotes clavata (Lu in Wang, 1964)

Burnetiella leechi Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Cliffia cf. latagenae (Wilson, 1949)

Elvinia roemeri (Shumard, 1861)

Hedinaspis canadensis Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Homagnostus sp. 1 of Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Irvingella major Ulrich & Resser, 1924

Irvingella sp. A of Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Labiostria westropi Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Pseudagnostus communis (Hall & Whitfield, 1977)

Pseudagnostus sp. 1 of Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Pterocephalia norfordi Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

Wujiajiania sutherlandi Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998
Ptychopariida undescribed




-up to 16 new species reported.



Elvinia sp. aff. E. roemeri [Quarry Site 4]

Housia sp.

Irvingella sp


Labiostria n. sp. [Quarry Site 1]

Orygmaspis contracta

Orygmaspis new species (similar to O. contracta, but less pygidial border spines) [This is most likely conspecific with O. Type 2

Orgmaspis Type 2 (similar to O. contracta, but less pygidial border spines) [Quarry Site 1]

Orgmaspis Type 3 (long curved genal spines, 2 very long macropleural spines on thorax, no pygidial border spines) [Quarry Site 1]

Pterocephalia - undescribed new species

Tricrepicephalus sp.


Wujiajiania sutherlandi Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998

new genus? new species (with anomalous tailspine) [Site 4]

new genus? new species (with long genal spines) [Quarry Site 4]





    The original Tanglefoot locality described by Chatterton and Ludvigsen (1998) was staked as a claim in the early millenium. This restricted collecting at the original site, although much collecting was done by amateurs prior to the claim. Further sites have been discovered, including those containing new faunas. The MacKay group extends for hundreds of kilometers up the Rocky Mountain trench in southern British Columbia.

    Some of these specimens are currently being worked on by Dr. Brian D. E. Chatterton at the University of Alberta. If you discover any new species or exceptional specimens, please contact us (or Dr. Chatterton directly). His email is in our links section. GPS coordinates and stratigraphic level would be much appreciated!




Chatterton, B. D. E. and Ludvigsen, R. (1998)  Upper Steptoean (Upper Cambrian) trilobites from the McKay Group of southeastern British Columbia, Canada. The Paleontological Society, Memoir 49, Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 72, March, 1998, Supplement to No. 2, 43 pp.

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