Nevadia parvoconica




Name: Nevadia parvoconica Fritz, 1992

Superfamily: "Nevadioidea" Hupé, 1953

Suborder: Olenellina Walcott, 1890

Order: Redlichiida Richter, 1932
Locality: Esmeralda County, Nevada
Stratigraphy: Lower Cambrian, Poleta Fm., Dyeran Stage
Size: left photo: cephalon 4 cm wide; right photo: cephalon 3 cm wide.

Remarks: Photos: Richie Kurkewicz Pangaea Collection

Comments: Courtesy of Stew Hollingsworth

"The photographs are a nevadiid I now identify as Nevadia parvoconica Fritz, 1992. It may prove to be conspecific with the form named Nevadia addyensis. It occurs in the lower part of the middle member of the Poleta Formation almost everywhere I've looked."

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